Tudor Vampire

Everyone is John

The coterie sent out our ghouls to investigate first thing in the morning. The ghouls surmised that the body had been strung up and peppered with arrows. They booked a room and suggested that the coterie interview a drunk by the name of Johnny. The encountered Crazy John, whose ramblings about “the things that follow” seemed to have some hint of truth. Their investigation into the bodies found in Corn Hill discovered that both were servants of John Miller. Investigating John Miller revealed that he’d been missing for several days and was last seen in the company of a woman matching the description of Isolda’s ghoul.

The ghouls also looked into the woman who had been seen walking around covered in blood. They uncovered her name: Cecily Potter, and the fact that she had left behind a blood trail that the vampires might be able to follow.

The coterie took over the investigation that night, and begin by speaking with Johnny at the Mermaid Tavern. He’d been too passed out to have seen anything useful, but did reveal that two men dressed in black had been taking about burning evil creatures in the tavern a couple weeks ago.

The coterie also spoke to Crazy John. whose cryptic rantings didn’t prove terribly useful.

Next, they visited East Cheap, where they picked up the trail of Cecily Potter, tracking her back to the tenement she had come from. A brief trip inside revealed that this was where Isolda was staying. The coterie alerted the sheriff and kept watch outside while he dealt with Isolda.

As a last errand, the sheriff told the coterie to go investigate Isolda’s house.



Everyone is John

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