Tudor Vampire

First session


The longest night of the year, when the childer of the Kindred are brought to Court for the first time and introduced to the Court. We were placed in the care of a loser Ventrue named John.

The Prince, Sheriff, and Hound told us to investigate the whereabouts of the “rogue Vampire” Isolda Carteret, her handmaiden, and her Childe.

We learned that the authorities keep tabs on Vampires and Werewolves in the city, but only “every other one”.

John having screwed up, we were placed into the care of a dumpy Daeva gossip named Mary.

Suggested leads:

1. Mutilated bodies found at Corn Hill.

2. A Vampire ashed at the Mermaid Tavern!?

3. A gibbering woman, covered in blood, who died in the Eastcheap meat markets.


Make notes! Write what you remember. If you draw a blank I will come in for the assist. this will become important later.

First session

Every other one… sigh

First session

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